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For this application I used the Custom-App provided by TrueCharts.

  • Available under the stable train

!Container: Tube


I am using the hotio/sonarr container

I also am using the v4 tag, which is the latest version of Sonarr

!Networking: qbittorrent


I personally use clusterIP, because I use ingress for all of my applications

  • You may want to keep this on LoadBalancer, if you are not using ingress

!Networking: qbittorrent



The setup is default

!Storage: NZBGet


  • media is the dataset I created for my media here: Dataset Creation
  • media is also the dataset that hosts all nested folders for my media, as shown in the tree structure here: Folder Structure
  • Since Sonarr will need to see all of the sub folders within media, I gave it access to the parent dataset
Sonarrs Scope
media (dataset) <Has access to everything below here>
├── download
│   ├── usenet
│   ├── syncthing
│   └── torrent
├── library
│   ├── movies
│   │     ├── anime
│   │     ├── kids
│   │     └── standard
│   ├── series
│   │     ├── anime
│   │     ├── kids
│   │     └── standard
│   └── music

!Storage: NZBGet


  • '/config/Backups' is the location Radarr places its automatic and manual backups
  • I created a separate dataset meant for backups, specifically to have an easy way to restore a backup, in the event the application is wrongly deleted, or removed, corrupt, whatever

!Storage: NZBGet


Again, you can bypass this step if you use the regular Truecharts version of the Sonarr application

!Storage: NZBGet

!Storage: NZBGet