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In App Settings

Theres nothing specific to Truenas Scale after setting up your application.

I will still however, share my settings.


To get to the settings just click the Cog Wheel at the top right

!To Settings: Tube

Download Format

This is completely subjective, and I am also continuously changing this setting until I land on something that I like.

However, this is what I am currently using:

(bv*[vcodec~='^((he|a)vc|h26[45])']+ba) / (bv*+ba/b)

Current metadata embed setting: True

Current thumbnail embed setting: True

!DL Format: Tube


Integrate with to get dislikes and average ratings back: True

  • I like to be able to see dislikes on videos

Integrate with SponsorBlock to get sponsored timestamps: True

  • Skips in-video advertisements

Current Cast integration: True

  • Ability to chromecast your videos

!Integrations: Tube


Use snapshots as a backup

!Snapshots: Tube

Scheduler Setup

Rescan Subscriptions

0 * * 
  • Scans subscriptions for new videos every hour

Start download

30 * *
  • Downloads new videos picked up by Rescan Subscriptions every hour, on the 30 minute mark

!Scheduler: Tube