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Redis Installation

For this application I used the Custom-App provided by TrueCharts.

  • Available under the stable train

!Container: Tube


Application Name

The name is very important, as it determines our DNS names, which is how we are going to connect the applications together..

You don't HAVE to follow my naming scheme, but if you don't, you'll have to also change your DNS name

Container Repository

Container Tag

!Container: Tube


Target Port


!Networking: Tube

ClusterIP is being used since no other services besides TA will be accessing this container, so the port only needs to be exposed within the kubernetes network.


  • I am using PVC in this case since this is not something the user will need to interact with

Ensure the mountpath is:


Redis specifically looks to that mount point, its required

!Storage: Tube

You of course can change Size Quotum of Storage to something lower. I cannot though. I would recommend setting it to something a bit lower. You will receive a notification on Truenas if your PVC is filling up, so you can expand the size, but you cannot EVER retract to a lower size later on.


This application runs fine with default permissions

!Storage: Tube