This is the location your Nextcloud storage files will be located

You do NOT need to create a dataset if you do not plan on using one. Nextcloud does not require one, instead you can rely on PVC, I personally have two pools though, my apps pool, and my storage pool, so I personally want my storage, or all of my Nextcloud backups on my storage pool


The apps:apps user:group is built into Truenas SCALE, it is the default user for most applications on Truenas SCALE. You do not have to create a separate user for each application.

When configuring your application you'll typically see user:group 568, this is the UID for apps and its recommended not to change it.

  • You are REQUIRED to use apps:www-data and setting the permissions exactly how I have mine, If you have anything different, chances are it will not work

!Dataset: Nextcloud