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Application Dataset Permissions

This is, and probably always will be a hot topic for Truenas SCALE

Hopefully this guide will help clear up a few issues.


Pretty much every application runs as apps:apps (user:group)

Theres a single application that I don't change to apps and simply just use one of the permissions listed below, and that application is syncthing.

SMB User Access

This issue is solved simply by adding your SMB user to your apps group. That way, and dataset apps has access to, so will your SMB user.

  1. Truenas Scale GUI
  2. Credentials
  3. Local Users
  4. Click on your user
  5. Click edit
  6. Click dropdown menu for auxiliary groups
  7. Select apps
  8. Ensure Samba Authentication is ticked
  9. Save

It should look like this once you're done:

!Folder Structure: Open

Start Off Open

I know, but the idea is to start off open, see if the application will run with no issues, then start closing off permissions.

Example of an open Dataset:

!Folder Structure: Open

After Testing

After making sure the example above works, I switch to something like this:

  • The other group/user no longer has access to the files, which is what we obviously want to aim for

  • This is what most of my applications will run with

!Folder Structure: Open